Veröffentlichung zur Daten- oder modellbasierte Prozessführung

Die Ad-hoc-Arbeitsgruppe zum Thema „Veröffentlichung zur Daten- oder modellbasierte Prozessführung“ vom Arbeitskreis Prozessanalytik (bestehend aus den Mitgliedern: Steckenreiter, Berg, Sangi, Hitzmann, Herwig) haben Ihre Ergebnisse in der Dezemberausgabe der Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering veröffentlicht.


Hier der zugehörige Abstract:

Currently applied methods for characterization and optimization of bio-pharmaceutical processes are still strongly empirical. This often involves Design of Experiment (DoE) methods that require a large number of time-consuming experiments and can hardly fulfill the requirements of ‘Quality by Design’ (QbD). Linking mathematical models with experimental methods is seen as an efficient strategy that significantly reduces development time and costs. Furthermore, if combined with advanced Process Analytical Technology (PAT), higher automation and more efficient workflows can be established along the product lifecycle. This contribution presents the state of the art of model-based tools for experimental design and gives an outlook on future trends in the field of bio-process engineering.

16. Januar 2019 Nachrichten