Bio-Scientist as PostDoc Process Analytics Biopharmaceutical Development (m/f/d) – Bayer, Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Deutschland

Ihre Aufgaben
  • Propose, develop, test and implement innovative analytical technologies and methods for biotechnological upstream processes
  • Identify suitable PAT methods for analyzing monoclonal antibodies and/or media components as well as metabolic products for monitoring and as a means for control of cell cultivation processes
  • Characterize, compare and assess newly developed methods and commercially available technologies
  • Collaborate with biotechnology process experts, scientists from analytical development and from QC department to discuss and align USP PAT method development
  • Closely collaborate with academic and industry partners within the IMI (Innovative Medicine Initiative) EU public private partnership
  • Publish and present research findings internally, at international conferences, and in scientific journals

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) für spektroskopische Applikationen – KWS, Einbeck, Deutschland

Ihre Aufgaben
  • Kalibrierung, Validierung, Datenauswertung und Weiterentwicklung existierender Applikationen für das online Monitoring von Qualitätsdaten auf Erntemaschinen mittels Nahinfrarotspektroskopie
  • Mitarbeit bei der strategischen Weiterentwicklung optischer und spektroskopischer Methoden im Bereich Prozessanalysentechnik
  • Planung, Durchführung und Auswertung von Versuchen für kundenspezifische Applikationen
  • Ansprechpartner für Kunden inkl. Support und Fehlerdiagnose über Telefon, E-Mail und im persönlichen Kontakt

Praktikant (m/w/d) im Bereich Prozessleittechnik / Prozessanalysentechnik – Covestro, Deutschland

Ihre Aufgaben
  • Erstellung von Ausschreibungsunterlagen für Geräte oder Dienstleistungen
  • Unterstützung bei der Konzeption der Prozessleittechnik oder der Prozessanalysentechnik
  • Erstellen, Durchsicht, Ergänzen und Ablage der Dokumentation wie Fließbilder sowie Herstelleranweisungen
  • Unterstützung und Begleitung von Beschaffungsvorgängen, Inspektionen und Werksabnahmen
  • Unterstützung und Vorbereitung von Prüfungen und Inbetriebnahmen

PhD Position on Digital Twin deployment in Circular Economy bioprocesses (m/w/d) – Chase GmbH/TU Wien, Wien, Österreich

Motivation and Goals of this Position

Circular Economy solutions, such as biofuel production from renewable resources, live from optimized operating conditions of the entire value chain.
However, varying raw material quality and multiple process parameters may challenge product quality and process performance,
calling for proper multidimensional and/or non linear process control solutions. We strongly believe, that the deployment of Digital Twins,
such as a hybrid model which is deployed in a real-time context, is the key enabler for this task.
This PhD position focusses on the deployment of a digital twin in a biofuel production process in manufacturing scale. The goal is to revisit
the model assumptions, extend the model, possibly by own model based experimental designs and tune the model in the control system.
Moreover, we target to extend the model for controlling process chains, hence multiple unit operations.

PhD Position on Digital Twin development for protein refolding bioprocesses (m/w/d) – Chase GmbH/TU Wien, Wien, Österreich

Motivation and Goals of this Position

The bacterium E. coli is a very prominent host for producing recombinant proteins for biopharmaceuticals. Often, the product is
accumulated as Inclusions Bodies (IBs) inside of the cell. In order to recover the product, the IB is processed in a process chain: solubilized, refolded and concentrated. So far, this process is prone to very high losses in product yield. In the last two years we earned lots of experience in analyzing the effect of process parameters on the refolding step yield.
The next consequent step and goal of this PhD position is a predictive control of this process and extend this knowledge to the above
mentioned process chain. We strongly believe, that the deployment of Digital Twins, such as a hybrid model which is deployed in a real-time context, is the key enabler for this task. This PhD position focusses on the development of a digital twin at laboratory scale.

Global Process Analyser Technology Expert in Functional Safety (m/f/d) – Covestro, Leverkusen, Deutschland

Ihre Aufgaben
  • In your new role, you will act as global subject matter expert (m/f/d) in fundamental areas of Process Analyser Technology (PAT) related functional safety
  • You will drive the internal standardization of PAT-related functional safety
  • You will be responsible to qualify PAT systems as per functional safety standards and best practices
  • Moreover, you will also lead working groups for experience exchange and documentation of related best practices
  • The development of tools, strategies and training materials related to all relevant standards and regulations will be among your responsibilities
  • Furthermore, you will align PAT-related functional safety requirements with relevant internal stakeholders
  • Assisting in the development of PAT-related safety and reliability lifecycle programs and then integrating them into the existing process landscape will be your task as well
  • You will provide functional safety and reliability-related project support
  • Finally, you will actively participate in external standardization bodies (e.g. NAMUR)

Ingenieure (m/w/d) Prozessanalysentechnik – Evonik, Hanau, Deutschland

Ihre Aufgaben
  • Automatisierung von prozessnahen, komplexen Messaufgaben
  • Prozessoptimierung durch Entwicklung und Anwendung von Methoden der Mess- und Analysentechnik
  • Entwicklung und Betreuung von analytischen Aufgabenstellungen von der Idee bis zur Implementierung im Betrieb
  • Nutzung hoher Methodenkompetenz aus den Bereichen Messtechnik und Prozessanalytik, Automatisierungs- und Regelungstechnik im Rahmen interdisziplinärer Expertenteams
  • Planung, Aufbau und Inbetriebnahme von Analysensystemen in neuen und bestehenden Produktionsanlagen