EuroPACT is coming..

Post by Tobias Eifert.

…with a 3 by 3 by 3 virtual concept. From 15th November to 17th November, Europe’s Process Analytics and Control Technology community will meet at EuroPACT 2021.

The competitiveness of all processing industries — from (petro)-chemicals over pharmaceuticals to foods & feeds — greatly depends on its ability to deliver consistent, high-quality and high-value products at competitive prices, in a sustainable way. Data, Data Analysis and Process Analytical Technology will become the cornerstones for any global, competitive industry, and process analytical techniques are an essential tool in this future.

With this in mind, EUROPACT 2021 focusses on featuring innovation along the following three pillars:

1. Process Analytics in Real-World Manufacturing

2. From Data to Process Monitoring, Control and Optimization

3. Novel PAT and Instrumental Technologies

EuroPACT 2021 will also include workshops, PAT speed dating and student meet & greets. Please have a closer look on C3-Konferenzzeitplan – EuroPACT2021 (

We will pre-start the conference with an interactive workshop from (and about) the project NanoPAT and then the conference will be officially opened with the opening keynote by Attila Bilgic (KROHNE) about “From data to knowledge: Follow the Eight-Fold Path!”. The next two days are filled with all the latest in Process Analytics and Control Technology. To ensure an interesting and varied program, we will have two keynote sessions in the morning and in the afternoon prior to two parallel focused sessions. The content of the sessions follows the above-mentioned three pillars and will last about 3 h as a Zoom-Session, including a discussion slot at the end of each presentation.

To foster exchange and interactions between EuroPACT participants, we do “not only” have the presentations & discussions, but have a 3 h interactive after-lunch-session in each day. We will have the poster short presentations as well as the poster session plus EuroPACT’s speed dating on day 1. The interactive after-lunch-session of day 2 comprises short presentations by the vendors and the possibility to meet inside the respective room. This is followed by discussion rounds on current PACT topics and a student meet & greet.

In addition to the poster prize, the Working Group “Prozessanalytik” will assign the 7th Process Analytics Award for Young Scientists sponsored by SIEMENS for an outstanding publication in the field of Process Analytics after the lunch-session of EuroPACT’s second day.

We are eagerly awaiting your participation in the unique setting. Be aware that the editorial deadline for the list of participants is 5th November 2021. But the registration is possible up to the beginning of the conference.

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