Report from EuroPACT 2023

post by Tobias Eifert

This year, EuroPACT was heading north. The European community of process analytics and control technology (PACT) had its triennial conference in Copenhagen from the 7th to the 10th of May 2023. The scandic hotel in the heart of the city set a perfect scene for 3.5 days full of talks, discussions, exchange, networking, … and perfect weather.

The scandic hotel welcomed the PACT community with our logo on the floor.

After the virtual venue in 2021, all participants were quite happy to have a personal exchange again on a European level. More than 200 participants from all over Europe discussed the newest developments in process analytics and control technology, focusing on three EuroPACT pillars: “Process Analysis in Real-World Applications”, “From Data to Process Insight, Control and Optimization” and “Novel PAT and Instrumental Technologies”.

Prior to actual conference, interested attendees could sign up for two PAT training sessions. The course „fundamentals on PAT in industrial applications“ covered PAT project management (from measurement task to business case), sampling and sample handling systems as well as instrumental design in industrial use. The course was given by Martin Gerlach (Bayer/DE) and Tobias Eifert (Covestro/DE). The course „model life cycling in the field“ covered Chemometrics in the age of artificial intelligence, model deployment and maintenance as well as data driven optimization of and with PAT. This course was presented by Geir Rune Flåten (aspentech/NO).

The opening session was held by Christina Eisen (Daiichi Sankyo Europe/DE) with title „Modern process data analytics: What’s the fuzz with all the buzz (words)?“. Christina’s keynote acted as inspiring start for the welcome reception. Due to some logistics difficulties from shipping companies, the organizing colleagues from DECHEMA could not hand over the typical conference bag and thus, the welcome reception was in need to start without name-tags. But as the PACT community is open and welcoming, this incident was compensated by an improvised version of EuroPACT’s speed dating. This first evening was a great experience with a familiar and relaxed atmosphere that was omnipresent throughout the conference.

The attractive lecture program consisting of 10 sessions was accompanied by keynote speeches from international experts in the field of process analytics and control technology. The keynote speakers from both industry and academia originate from seven countries and cover a broad variety of our field: from ‘Modern process data analytics’ over ‘Digital sensor technologies for Process Optimization’ and ‘eNose networks monitor ambient air industrial sites’ to ‘Smart spectroscopic sensors contribute to an efficient and sustainable food industry’.

EuroPACT sketches from all ten keynote speakers.


The program of the conference was organized around the keynote lectures, 34 oral presentations, 58 posters as well as 25 exhibitors. For more detailed information please visit the lecture program at the conference’s website: Link.

Between the talks refreshing breaks gave opportunities to network and discuss new developments in PAT at the exhibitor booths. Highlights of the conference were the popular poster and exhibitor/sponsor short presentations that were followed by fruitful and interesting discussions with the presenters. The conference dinner took place in scandic hotel’s restaurant and was started by a very humorous speech given by the restaurant manager.

More impressions of the conference can be seen here:

A conference like EuroPACT including the great conference dinner with all its opportunities for discussions and exchange within our community cannot take place without the involvement of the exhibitors and sponsors.

Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors!









Also this time at EuroPACT, the German Working Group „Prozessanalytik“ in cooperation with Knick awarded the 8th Knick Process Analytics Award for an outstanding publication in the field of Process Analytics. Sin Yong Teng (Radboud University, Nijmegen/NL) won the price and pitched his publication with the title “Machine-learned digital phase switch for sustainable chemical production” (published in Journal of Cleaner Production: during the conference.

The award ceremony was captured by Jörg Erens (PSG/DE) as part of a live PAT talk during the conference. The video can still be seen on LinkedIn or on YouTube.

Chair of the conference Tobias Eifert (Covestro/DE) on the left and Tobias Schenk as representative from Knick on the right during the handover of the PAT Award for young scientists to Sin Yong Teng (Radboud University/NL).


Prices for the best three posters were awarded during the closing of the conference. M. Calderisi (Kode/IT) with the poster “Vision, optimised management of a chemical process based on Machine Learning and Data Visualisation techniques” was awarded the best poster at EuroPACT 2023. D. Guse (KIT/DE) with the contribution „Using pH and XRD to understand solids phase formation and Cu/Zn distribution in the preparation of Cu/Zn based catalyst precursors“ as well as R. Nielsen (ParticleTech/DK) with the poster „Unfolding the potential of advanced image analysis: Case studies from the bioprocessing industry“ won the second best poster price at the conference.

T. Eifert (Chair of the conference – Covestro/DE), K. Dahlmann (Poster Jury – Hamilton/CH), D. Wood (Poster Jury – Keit/UK) together with the poster price awardees M. Calderisi, D. Guse and R. Nielsen (from left to right).


We congratulate all winners once more.

We are looking forward to the next meeting of the community during the upcoming EuroPACT in 2026. This time, the conference is heading south and we will meet in Lyon, France.


See you again in Lyon!


PS: Additional information and why you should have not missed EuroPACT 2023 were discussed between Christoph Herwig (Körber Pharma & fermify/AT), Dan Wood (Keit Spectrometers/UK), Jörg Erens (PSG/DE) and Tobias Eifert (Covestro/DE) during one of the last PAT talks. The video can still be seen on LinkedIn or on YouTube.

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